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West Nantmeal Township Newsletter

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Current Issue: April 2023 (PDF)

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The mission of the Historical Commission of West Nantmeal Township is to:

  • Gather and maintain historical records for the township
  • Identify historical structures and encourage their preservation and restoration
  • Promote community awareness and appreciation for the historic nature of our area.

The West Nantmeal Township Historical Commission is a member of the Chester County Historical Society. All residents of West Nantmeal are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings and our many informative and useful events, to utilize the resources of The Commission in their private historical searches and to contribute to our files with histories of their own properties, with photographs and reminiscences.

The Commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month at
3:00 pm at the township building. All meetings and resources are open to the public. Occasionally, special meetings may be held at different times and locations.
For the latest information, phone 610-286-9722

To receive our e-newsletter which includes a calendar of events and interesting articles highlighting items in our archives, please send an email or contact us through Facebook.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westnantmealhistoricalcommission
E-mail: westnantmealhc@gmail.com